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 Florida Villa Purchase - Post Purchase Help and Assistance


After your Florida villa purchase, as well as proving marketing advice after you have bought and completed the purchase of your new home (see our marketing page if you haven't done so already) we can assist you in getting sorted out with a tax accountant, a home management company and provide an introduction to our bank so that you can get a US bank account set up.


Tax Accountant
As you have made a Florida villa purchase, and assuming of course you are renting it out, each year you will need to do an United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax return so if desired we can introduce you to our tax accountant (he is a self-employed tax accountant and not a large company so your tax preparation costs will be much cheaper).

Management Company
When you make a Florida villa purchase whether you are renting it out or not, you will need a management company if you do not have someone looking after the home. Your pool will need regular weekly maintenance as will your garden. Further, you will want the inside of the home regularly inspected to ensure you do not get any unwanted house guests, such as termites which blight Florida and can do untold damage to your home. If you need details of management companies we can provided these to you so that you can look at their web sites to see which offers a package most suited to your needs.

Bank Manager
To make your Florida villa purchase and the running of the home easier, you will need to have a US bank account in the US. After all, you will have a management company to pay, utility costs to meet, possibly a mortgage, and if you are renting out your home, you will have rental income in US dollars to bank and sales taxes to pay. We would make an introduction to our bank and US Bank Manager. This can be done during your inspection trip or at a later date if more convenient.

Buying Furniture for your Home
Some builders will have deals with rental home furniture companies. These packages are extremely convenient as they will furnish your home in its entirety - from three-piece suites, cutlery, crockery, towels, beds, bedding, pictures and mirrors on walls right down to tooth  brush holders and toilet brushes! The down side is that they are not cheap and the inside of your home will look much like many others and very obviously a vacation home. This is fine if your catering to the mass market but not so if you want to differentiate your home. If you have the time, look around furniture stores and do all this yourself. You will get much better value for money plus your home will not look the same as all other rental homes!


Following your Florida villa purchase, if you would like to furbish your home and differentiate it from the 'typical rental packaged home' then buying your furniture independently is the only way to do this.

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