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 Purchase Of A Holiday Home In Orlando - Marketing Your Vacation Home


Following the purchase of a holiday home in Orlando, to generate sales (i.e. bookings) for your rental business you need to determine your market segment, be able to reach the consumers within this segment and upon enquiry then be able to convert the sales lead generated into a booking. Remember - no customers, no income. No income, no business!


Determining Your Market
Following the purchase of a holiday home in Orlando it is important that, as part of your marketing plan, you know which market segment you are aiming at and ensure that all the necessary pieces of the jigsaw are put in place. Having then put your jigsaw together you need to be able to put the completed jigsaw in front of potential buyers.

Reaching Your Market - Potential Buyers
An extremely important element not considered by those that purchase a holiday home in Orlando is exactly how they are going to market their homes. There is no right or wrong way to do this - but you don't want to be taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut or be using a scattergun from 400 yards to try and shoot a rabbit! You need to know how you are going to market your property, what you can afford to spend and how maximise cost-effectiveness.

Promotional Tools
Will you use traditional promotional methods such as villa rental magazines, use 'umbrella' site marketing i.e. advertising on web villa rental sites, or will you look to have your own web site and have it optimised so that it can be found by renters searching for holiday home rentals in Orlando using the search engines?

Make a promotional plan, carry it through and monitor its effectiveness. Where are leads being generated from and at what cost per lead/booking? Monitoring each individual promotional avenue will help determine your future plans and drive-up your advertising cost-effectiveness.

Web Site Design and Villa Marketing
As home owners ourselves, we have been there. When we went to purchase a holiday home in Orlando much of the help and assistance we offer here and that would have been useful to us was not available - at least not at a cost that we could afford. Fortunately, as one of us is a marketer, the marketing considerations were planned and thought out before we bought. Further help and assistance was provided through a friend that does web design and provided us with invaluable guidance.  (Please do note that this site and our villa rental sites were not done by our web designer friend - we're too independent for that so we did it ourselves.  His designs far surpass anything we could do!). As a result we would recommend this friend to help you with designing and building a suitable web site for you at very affordable prices.

The Importance of Planning
A year after the purchase of a holiday home in Orlando an owner made a comment in our villa's community forum (this comment is not an uncommon problem) and which stated:


"With all the wealth of knowledge out there we were wondering if anyone could point us in the right direction for advertising or give us some tips on how you get your rentals. We have been in a holiday magazine for the last year and that was a total waste of money. Any advice would be welcomed. I love the villa so much I don't want to part with it but if the rentals don't come in we may very well have to by the end of the year."

Footnote: The owner that made this comment has since sold the property!

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