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 Buying A Home Near Disney - Inspection Trips


When buying a home near Disney most villa purchase companies will offer you very cheap or free inspection trips but you will be tied to them. Their primary objective is to get you to buy a home (this is how they recoup the cost of the inspection trip) so expect major sales pressure if you go this route! Being independent means no purchasing pressure.


The Free Inspection Trip
If this is important to you then we cannot help you. We deal only with independent purchasers that are seriously looking to buy a second home or a home as a rental business. We understand the need to ensure the right purchase is made, at the right price and in the right location. This may not happen on your first trip as a suitable property, or the right home for you, may just not be available!  If your intention is to do this independently and you wish to look at buying a home near Disney then let us help you.  We are able to offer you all the advice and help you need - at no cost and you will be under no pressure to buy! We can also assist with the booking of a beautiful home for your inspection trip - see our sister site 'Rental Homes Near Disney World'.  Because you will have paid for the villa yourself and made your own flight and car hire arrangements, the time in Orlando is yours to do as you please. You will have received all the pre-purchase help and guidance from us that you need, including prior contact with our recommended realtor. Having operated a rental business herself when she first moved to Orlando, she too has much experience and knowledge to impart to you.

Introduction To A Realtor
As indicated above, we would put you in touch with an experienced 'rental business' realtor so when it comes to buying a home near Disney you know you will be in good hands. Our recommended realtor has lived in the Orlando area for many, many years so knows the area extremely well and knows about all the developments (or sub-divisions as they are known in the US) as well as having rental business experience. Before meeting with you she would ascertain your requirements so that she can determine appropriate homes, new or resale, that meet YOUR requirements. By so doing, she can maximise your time whilst you are out here, showing you only suitable properties. After all you will be on vacation and shall want to have some time to enjoy the delights of Orlando too! 

Mortgage Broker
If you need or want a US mortgage, our realtor will introduce you to a mortgage broker.  With property companies they are often tied into their own providers (so as to maximise their commission).  We do NOT get a commission or any other type of reward, we do this purely as part of the turnkey service that we provide to you.


When buying a home near Disney on a new development, what you see is not what you get! New build homes in the States, have many, many upgrades - i.e. they are additional costs on to the base price of the home. These upgrades can of course be purchased if you want them but the cost of them will NOT be included in the home's advertised  price. When setting a budget to buy your home, you will need to set aside funds for the upgrades you require. The home price often will also not include the cost of a pool or pool heater. Check carefully what is and isn't included!

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