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 Buying A Villa In Florida


For those buying property in Florida welcome to the 'World of' web site. This site is dedicated to providing help, advice, assistance and guidance to those buying a villa in Florida either as a second home, as an investment or as a self-financing rental business. However, what you will NOT find here is a 'rosy picture'.  What you will find is the truth, the good, the bad and more importantly, the ugly side, the 'warts and all' about buying a villa in Florida. We give you the side the villa property companies avoid telling you! So if you want the truth on!


Buying A Villa In Florida
Buying a villa in Florida
? Seriously thinking about buying a villa in Florida? In the process of buying a villa in Florida? Looking for advice on how to go about it? If you have answered yes to one or more of the above then we can help. If you are already in the process of buying a villa in Florida then some of the information and advice we can give potential purchasers will be 'a bit late in the day'. However, that said, the information can still be used to anticipate and make preparations to overcome potential future problems. For all others, the information and advice that we can give you BEFORE you even start looking for a villa or condo, will be invaluable.

Villa Property Companies
In most major villa holiday magazines you will see adverts and at overseas property exhibitions you will see and meet many of the above. They WANT you to buy a home and will paint you a rosy picture. Imagine owning your own home in Florida. With sun all year round, your own private pool to relax by, holidays whenever you want them and best of all... you can have all this for free. How? Well, Disney World is probably one of the most exciting holiday destinations in the world, and because of such it is a year round vacation hotspot. With increasing numbers of tourists visiting Florida each year the tourist industry is expanding, so not only can you can let your home out whenever you are not using it, you can let the rental income pay your expenses whilst your investment is accumulating in value. Wow! Better get on board before we miss this boat!  All these statements are true, or more accurately have the potential to be true. But if only it was this simple!  If it was, wouldn't these property companies be buying up all the homes for themselves?  It's not all the bed of roses that they make out, but they are not going to tell you otherwise are they? They will tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear!  They'll give you all the positives, tell you about all the good thing's, but fair's fair, this is how they make their money isn't it? If nobody buys a home through them, they won't stay in business for long.

We will  give you the real picture - not the 'sunny Florida' picture you will get from many villa property companies! These companies may only tell you the good side....but don't worry, we're going to give you the bad and the ugly side! We'll provide you with a lot of good stuff too - but then again we don't use a two-headed coin!

Although we shall give it to you straight - warts and all - it is not all doom and gloom. We'll tell you how we can also help you get prepared for your rental venture and provide you with free help and advice, both pre and, just as importantly, post-purchase.

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When buying a villa in Florida we'll be there for you throughout the buying process and beyond - for as along as you need us. You won't be left high and dry just to 'get on with it'.

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